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We have worked closely with the authorities to prepare for these events. In our discussions with the Regional State Administrative Agency for Päijät-Häme and the police, we have sought to ensure that the security plans for the fair are exactly as required and that all existing restrictions can be met. We have received the green light for the forthcoming fair and our preparations have been deemed to be going in the right direction.

Masks and social distancing

We currently have a strong mask recommendation in place for our events. Protective masks will be offered to customers and exhibitors. Masks will be distributed at the entrances to the events.

There is currently no regulation in place regarding social distancing, but we do not recommend close contact.

Visitor numbers

The numbers of visitors per day can be limited if necessary. The attendance limit is proportional to the size of the event and the number of halls used.

Products at the stands

Foos products must be reported on the fair form (vastuuvapauslomake- release from liability form) and, if necessary, to food control and monitoring. In regard to all food products handled at the stands, food legislation and general hygiene instructions must be followed. No declaration is required in the case of small quantitiesnof, for example, paper wrapped sweets, cookies, or other pastries, chips or coffee.

Covid pass, testing and vaccinations

We constantly follow and act on the guidelines on the issue. Currently, there are no restrictions affecting the organisation of events in Pirkanmaa. If any covid regulations were to otherwise prevent or make it difficult to organise the event, covid pass may be used for the event.

If there are no restrictions, the covid pass will not be used.

At this time, we do not require or check for covid passes from attendees to the event. If the covid pass is officially taken into use, we will also require it. Please only attend the events if you are healthy.


What happens if you have purchased a ticket and the event gets rescheduled?

The ticket will be valid for the next event

Should the event be rescheduled, what is the new date?

New dates for the event will be announced on the event page as soon as possible

If the event gets rescheduled, will my stand placement be automatically relayed to the next event?

Yes, your stand placement will relay automatically

Will i be able to get a refund on a visitor ticket?

Your visitor ticket will be valid for the rescheduled event, as is. Any refunds are made on a case-by-case basis- please contact the party from whom you purchased your ticket


Where can i find materials on safety communications?

We have developed ready-to-use graphic materials for our clients and stakeholders